Michael J. Reed and The Revelation

(EST, UTC-05) (EST, UTC-05)

Blue LLama Jazz Club, Main St, Ann Arbor

6:30 pm and 9 pm Showtimes Ticket/Reservation info at: bluellamaclub.com/events/michael-j-reed-the-revelation

The Revelation was founded in 2021. Developing this group came at a time when Reed was finding his purpose within the music. Doing some self-reflection, he realized music is the language of the spirit not only designed to make people dance, but to bring peace and love to everyone. Through music, Reed realizes that he is a vessel, striving to fulfill his purpose as an advocate for peace and love. His compositions explore the vulnerability of truth telling and, through that, he knew that he wanted to make sure that his ensemble included people who were not afraid to express theirs. Meeting all the members through the music and instantly having a connection made it effortless to manifest ideas into reality. The mission of the band is to make people think and to seek things within themselves that may be holding them back from their purpose.


Michael J. Reed - Drums/Compositions

Brendon Davis - Piano/Keys

Brandon Rose - Bass

Kevin Jones - Percussion

Rockelle Whitaker - Vocalist

Alexis Rosado - Spoken Word Artist